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                            If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.假如每次想起你我都會得到一朵鮮花,那么我將永遠在花叢中徜徉。 下面就來看下今天小編給大家帶來的高級的暗戀句子英文(暗戀的句子英文翻譯) 此外,文章還提供了更多相關的文章如暗戀一個人的英語句子、關于暗戀的英文短句

                            | I cannot choose the best.The best chooses me.我不能選擇那最好的,是那最好的選擇了我。

                            | If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.假如每次想起你我都會得到一朵鮮花,那么我將永遠在花叢中徜徉。

                            | It was since the day which I met you that I have done is all for approaching you.自我遇見你的那天起,我所做的一切都是為了接近你。

                            | You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long.你微微地笑著,不同我說什么話。而我覺得,為了這個,我已等待得久了。


                            | No news is good news.沒有消息就是好消息。

                            | 這輩子最瘋狂的事,就是愛上了你,最大的希望,就是有你陪我瘋一輩子。

                            | Cause you are my everything 因為你是我的全部

                            | 你就是我最困難時的那位永遠支持我的人!

                            | Time cures all things (時間是醫治一切創傷的良藥)

                            | I Care about you a great deal (我很在乎你)

                            | 誰說你作的菜難以下口?我會每天回家吃晚飯!

                            | 不需言語,讓我用行動告訴你,什么叫愛。

                            | You are my sunshine.你是我的太陽

                            | 如果能用一輩子換你停留在我視線中我將毫不保留。

                            | I think I fall in love with you(我好像喜歡上你了)

                            | You are one for me (你是我的唯一)

                            | 心已經被撕碎,散在空氣里飛,像花朵已枯萎,無法再次收回。


                            | 你的眼睛太美可惜全是他的倒影

                            | 你是我的信仰是我到不了的遠方

                            | 不經意的觀察,喜歡你的感覺。

                            | 你一對我好,那些話都說不出口

                            | 知道么 我想做的不是哥哥。

                            | 或許我對你抱有了不該有的期待

                            | 我可以永遠笑著扮演你的配角

                            | 即便在喜歡你,我也不能告訴你

                            | 你的名字成為我最喜歡的字眼。

                            | 你身邊太擁擠我在遠處看著就好

                            | 我愛他,卻沒有勇氣說出口。

                            | 姑娘、我羨慕我喜歡的他愛著你。

                            | 別讓我的真心散得像盤沙好嗎

                            | 我很想聯系你啊 就是缺個身份

                            | 我要怎么告訴你誰都代替不了你

                            | 我最重要的人心里最重要的不是我

                            | 你是我夢里,不斷重復的故事。


                            | Sometimes the best way to get someone's attention,is to stop giving them yours.

                            | Just forgot how to draw back,matter of factly gave promise was time to rush empty.

                            | It's only me who treasures up the memory which belongs to both of us.

                            | Love is only a person's matter,knows without being told.

                            | To love someone is giving them your heart but trusting them not to break it.

                            | Finally, you opened its mouth before I put a hand.

                            | It is well worth of falling love in someone,even can keep up with the unavoidable damage.

                            | Save your heart for someone who cares.

                            | It is so silent of my world that I can nearly hear the beats of my heart.

                            | Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.

                            | I 'm all out of love,I'm so lost without you.

                            | Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.人生就像騎單車,想保持平衡就得往前進3、Cease to struggle and you cease to live. -- Thomas Carlyle.生命不止,奮斗不息。

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